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Luminous ECO Watt 700VA Inverter

  • ✔ Output Power: 0.7 KVA
  • ✔ Voltage: 110 V
  • ✔ Technology: Adaptive Battery Charging Control (ABCC)
  • ✔ WaveForm: Sine Wave
  • ✔ Recharge Time: 6 Hr(s)
  • ✔ Warranty: 2 Year(s)
  • ✔ Segments: Home

Rs.4,350.00 Rs.3,790.00

Luminous ECO Watt 700VA Inverter is an ideal machine for houses with single or double bedrooms. This eco-friendly inverter is highly suitable for small buildings and comes with different types of features which make it flexible and competent for use during power cuts. Basic electrical appliances can be powered effectively with this model and can be used easily with convenience. Its warranty is of two years.
Size and Dimensions:
The size of Luminous ECO Watt 700VA Inverter is compact which makes it possible to install it anywhere in your house.
Technical Features:
It uses Adaptive Battery Charging Control Technology and provides support for main lines. Its maximum power output is 560 Watts and has very high efficiency. It is an excellent machine for those who are looking for long backup in their appliances. Its batter management is very much advanced since it increases the life of the inverter’s battery by 70%. It also comes with battery water level sensor, easy battery management and FSW technology for increased lifespan and higher efficiency of the equipment.
Luminous ECO Watt 700VA Inverter is used for running 1 LCD/LED TV, 2 fans and 4 CFLs/lights. It also provides power supply for laptops, desktops, air coolers, washing machines, refrigerators, iron box, portable geysers, water pumps and grinders.
Noise Levels:
It does not produce much sound during its operation and hence, no kind of noise pollution is created.
Other Features:
The other features of Luminous ECO Watt 700VA Inverter include automatic holiday mode, high charging mode, alarms and indicators and protection features. It uses ABCC technology, which ensures that the battery is charged at a faster rate, there is no loss of battery water and charging is continuous. Its safety features are auto reset at overloading, battery deep discharge protection, quick short circuit protection and reverse polarity protection for battery.

Luminous ECO Watt 700VA Inverter Specs

Output Power: 0.7 KVA
Voltage: 110 V
Technology: Adaptive Battery Charging Control (ABCC)
WaveForm: Sine Wave
Recharge Time: 6 Hr(s)
Warranty: 2 Year(s)
Segments: Home
Color: Grey
Battery Type: 100AH – 135AH
Protection: Ultra-Fast Short Circuit ProtectionBattery Reverse Polarity Protection

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