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Exide IN1350 Plus 135AH Battery


Key Features

  • Voltage: 12 V
  • Weight: 39.8 KG(s)
  • Warranty: 24 Month(s)
  • Battery Type: Lead Acid Battery
  • Capacity: 135 AH

Rs.11,530.00 Rs.11,000.00


Overview & Full Specifications of Exide IN1350 Plus 135AH Battery

If you are searching for an uninterrupted power supply solution then portable inverter battery can be the right option to choose. Exide provides world class household inverters and UPS grade batteries which are great to meet domestic as well as small business requirements. From their vast range of flat plate storage batteries, you can select that one product which will cater your need. Exide IN1350 Plus 135AH Battery comes with great quality assurance from the manufacturer.
Battery Capacity:
This flat plate power device comes with a 135 AH capacity which can support 2 lights and 2 fans for 3 to 4 hours when regular power supply goes off. Exide IN1350 Plus 135AH can also be put into use where regular discharging is very frequent like electric vehicles, photovoltaic cells, home appliances and electrical machineries. It comes with 10.9 Liters of Electrolyte. This bigger amount of electrolyte bestows greater longevity of battery. Charging Current Rate of the unit is 9.5 Amps.
Battery Design:
This battery is encapsulated in a tough plastic mould which increases its beauty and enhances your safety. Overall size dimension of the unit is 508 x 222 x 281 mm (W x D x H) and weight is just 39.8 Kg. This compact battery can be placed anywhere of your house without engaging extra physical effort. Float Guide shows the exact amount of electrolyte. Magic Eye Indicator is there to indicate charging status without opening the plugs. Its Side-Vented design is fitted with micro-porous Filter Disc. It works immediately after installation as it is fully charged when out for delivery.
Exide IN1350 Plus 135AH is a flat plate Lead Acid battery. There are sets of Anodes/positive plates and Cathodes/negative plates partially immersed into diluted Sulphuric Acid. This acid acts as an electrolytic medium for the battery. Non-conductive ribbed free Polyethylene pocket separators with textured glass mat safeguard the battery against internal short circuit. Special Hybrid Alloy Plate System keeps this battery active for many years and also requires less frequent water topping.

Exide IN1350 Plus 135AH Battery Specs

Capacity: 135 AH
Battery Type: Lead Acid Battery
Voltage: 12 V
Weight: 39.8 KG(s)
Warranty: 24 Month(s)

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